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Love being set
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The Primrose Path

just a walk in the park
by Antone P. Braga

Such a lovely garden
Delights the eye and mind
So you hardly fathom
What's there behind

But I go on my own
The hand from which I'm fed
Free as I please
Surely not being led

What a sight to behold
The aesthetic is the matter
No way to feign fright
I'm given such flatter

What of the toll
A bargain at any price
My needs are such
Go ahead roll the dice

I have no doubt
In my behalf they act
No sinister plan
A pronounced matter of fact

Wait! Suddenly I find my way
No need for concern
Markers are placed and
Easy to discern

I'll try to understand
For my part
What transformed the Primrose Path
to Just a walk in the park

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