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It's the content that matters...inside out

Love being set
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by Antone P. Braga

Try to put your prejudices aside for a moment and imagine a philosophy that is neither left or right, but straight down the middle.

Just think in terms of selling real estate property...imagine only the buyer having access to the value of your property you want to sell. And the buyer puts the deal together...drawing up the papers for you to sign. Sure you can object, but in the insurance world it is how property claims are usually handled and the company hopes you go quietly.

Now imagine both you and the buyer having access to the property's value. This time you set an informed asking price and the buyer negotiates a mutually informed agreement. That is how property insurance policies were designed to work in the first place, and for the most part they are still worded that way.

We can choose to preserve our intrinsic right or find too late we can't.


Central Focus, a verse

What is your philosophy: drive or be driven? I happen to think we are wise to keep our drive alive.

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