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Love being set
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Central Focus

by Antone P. Braga

Look inside the inner being
The you and I—The soul of seeing
The in between
More than cracks
The neutral space
Either side lacks

But how to see inside
And in between
When handed this and that
And not what it seems

A buffer zone of thought to delve
And delve some more
The inner adventure equals
The willingness to explore

Reality defies exaggeration
Distortion belies edification
Nature needs no gloss
No ply, no buy, no excuse, no bias

Nature is the mentor
The mind through both eyes
Sees left and right
Creates the resolved view as from
A third eye in the center

Nature reveals itself
As our invisible friend
The self within
The perpetual spring that speaks
Even our chagrin

Is the glass half empty
Is the glass half full
The truth escapes
The poles' insidious pull
The glass is quite half empty
The glass is quite half full

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