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"Thank you...regarding your vital information on Preparedness...In particular...useful information for people to have in terms of property insurance and business recovery issues...a good reminder of ways of helping prevent stress by Preparedness. Good luck with your book."
—Disaster Mental Health
American Red Cross
National Headquarters, USA

"...We have reviewed the material on your web site and wish to thank you for your efforts to give citizens the information they need to cope with the issues of filing a successful insurance claim in the event of a loss. Again, thank you for your public service... "
—Office of Public Health Preparedness
Department of Community Health
State of Michigan, USA

"I agree with you that it is essential that people be treated fairly by insurance companies at this terrible time. But because we have historically left insurance regulation entirely to the states—a decision which I think is an error and which I have tried on several occasions unsuccessfully to overturn...regulation of insurance...has been entirely a state matter. There was a Supreme Court decision 55 years ago that sought to recognize the fact that insurance is every bit as much a national industry as any other, but the insurance industry was successful in lobbying Congress to overturn that decision and leave it all to the states.

Of course the industry's preference for everything being done at the state level has somewhat altered now that they are looking to the federal government for some financial help...but I do not think we should simply extend that aid without some kind of consumer protections in return and I am working on that. Thanks again for underlining to me the importance of some change in national policy in this regard."
—Barney Frank
Member of Congress, USA

"Thank you for contacting my office concerning insurance claim rights. I value and will consider your input on the matter.

I appreciate the opportunity to assist you on this issue. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact my office."
—Mayor Edward D. Garza
San Antonio, TX, USA

"That's a great article you wrote promoting insurance reform (Spiral of Fraud). I strongly agree with your views. Would you mind if we include your article on ScamShield.com?...I would like our visitors to read your article."
—Tony C

"It is time that someone publishes a book of this nature. As Regulators, we are aware that most policyholders are not aware. . .We wish you all the success. . .Your intent and foresight is commended."
—Department of Insurance
State of Hawaii, USA

"I agree with you that many insurance problems could be prevented if consumers simply had information. . .I admire your commitment. . ."
—Governor Barbara Roberts
State of Oregon, USA

"Thank you! Our disaster relief folks have your information, and I'm sure they'll put it to good use. Please stay in touch. We really appreciate your interest and desire to help disaster survivors."
—American Red Cross
Atlanta, GA, USA

". . .Access to information is imperative in our society, especially to information pertaining to individual rights. This includes information regarding insurance...I believe people should, at the minimum, have access to information like insurance. . .Thank you again. . .regarding the dispersal of this information."
—James P. McGovern
Member of Congress, USA

"Thank you for providing us consumers this site that is informative as well as beneficial..."
—Maria Taylor
Katy, TX, USA

"This is to acknowledge your disaster preparedness information ...Thank you for providing this valuable information to the department. We are always looking for ways to educate the public on [an] important issue such as disaster preparedness. "
—Department of Insurance
State of Alabama, USA

"Thank you...We appreciate your efforts in crafting a website dedicated to preparedness and preventing the stress that goes along with disasters events. The information you have provided is helpful...Thank you for your interest in preparedness."
—Office of the Governor
State of Virginia, USA

"Thank you for passing on your information. I think it can be helpful to people..."
—Divisional Disaster Services Director
The Salvation Army - Midland Division USC, USA

"...I have been forwarded the email you submitted through the miscellaneous comments link on Your City New York. Thank you for your interest in disaster mitigation and ways to improve disaster preparedness."
—Director of Human Services
New York City Office of Emergency Management, USA

"Mahalo...regarding insurance policyholder rights and access to vital information...Again, thank you...regarding '...disaster survivors lack their basic rights and vital information in their time of need,'...I welcome such input as an essential part of effectively governing our island state..."
—Governor Neil Abercrombie
State of Hawaii, USA

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