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a duty to behold
by Antone P. Braga

The other day I saw a story about citizens of Flint, Michigan,USA who were poisoned from city drinking water, and was struck by the situation that after many months of bringing notice to their plight it was all in vain—they were denied. But, after getting wide publicity and embarrassing authorities, suddenly their revelation started turning into transformed deliverance, a common phenomenon: change emerges more from embarrassment and humiliation than from forethought and logic.

What is it we heartily wish of each other? Is it to be pleased and flattered? No, but to be convicted and exposed, to be shamed out of our nonsense of all kinds, and made men of, instead of ghosts and phantoms.

It was not there was a need
Heaven knows there was
It was not that equity need serving
It certainly was not because

It was not because to hide in the shadow
Is far below
The standards set so long ago

It takes more than logic or sense
To bring to light
It takes something more personal
Something of might

And why would that
Ever come to pass
To come to the side
Of attending the mass

For one reason alone
The oldest reason not to fall
Chagrin motivates like
The mother of us all

No need for despair
We creatures seek ease
And the surest way is
Save face if you please

Even forced change turns a leaf
All in good time we will attend
If only for relief
The personal need to blend

So the object needs light
Change will follow its course
Reveal what is but real
Revelation is subtle force

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If you can't get rid of the skeleton in your closet, you'd best teach it to dance.

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