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Re: Insurance Adjuster Standards for Hail Damage

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Posted by d.pollard on August 04, 2002 at 09:19:46:

In Reply to: Re: Insurance Adjuster Standards for Hail Damage posted by on July 18, 2002 at 04:35:02:

Tony, I have a situation where a homeowner purchased a house in 2000. His previous house was nearby in the same area. He was aware of numerous hail damage claims resulting from a storm in april 1999. He enquired to the seller as to the status of any hail damage claims and was told that an adjuster inspected the building and found no hail damage. After another hail storm in 2001 the new owner of the property called in a claim after noticing dents on all four elevations. This adjuster- FROM THE SAME INSURANCE COMPANY- was able to date the damage the damage as being 2 years old or more. How accurate is their science of dating hail damage by determining the oxidation time frame on aluminum siding. Needless to say the claim was denied. So the same insurance company insuring the same house has said that there was no damage in 1999 yet a different adjuster has said after a subsequent inspection after a new storm for a new homeowner that there is damage but it is over two years old. This is not adding up.


:Reading the policydoes not in any way explain what policyholders are entitled to such as, a basic understanding in terms of fundamental adjusting principles, rights, and rules that govern insurance company behavior. And, how to calculate, prepare and settle their claims. Equal information truly is the benchmark of fairness.

: You suggest asking the agent and the company adjuster for help and advice. According to the N.A.I.C. (the organization that makes the rules) the agent represents the company not the policyholder, and the company adjuster and independent adjuster represent the company not the policyholder.

: Your pet peeve is with those who have a view of their damage that you don't share. Now you have hit on the pet peeve of this forum: those who profess to represent both sides in the same transaction at the same time. They may be regular people, but they may as well have been "created in the depths of hell."

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