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Posted by Lee on June 12, 2002 at 12:05:17:

I went on COBRA last June when I left my job of 2 years pregnant with my second child, I also have high blood pressure - but it has been controlled for years. My coverage was our family coverage and we didn't want to change doctors, that is why we opted for COBRA. In January this year our premium went up considerably and it was becoming inpossible for us to make the payments. I called the company that was the insurance carrier and asked about applying for individual coverage with the same plan arrangements as the COBRA coverage we had. The lady I spoke to said it should be no problem to get the same coverage and switching from a COBRA plan to an individual plan would be a piece of cake. I had been searching on the internet for some quotes and there was an agent in the area that quoted us almost 1/2 of what we were paying and it was the exact same plan with the same insurance company. We went through the application process, they asked for copies of my medical records and then denied me coverage for "medical reasons". I called the number but they insist everything is confidential and although they have denied me coverage they cannot tell me specifically why only that it was due to a "medical condition" listed in one of the medical records I sent them. If I have been with this insurance company on a group policy for 5 years why would they deny me individual coverage and why would they not tell me specifically what I was denied for? Something just sounds fishy here....what can I do????

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