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Posted by David on May 01, 2002 at 07:28:12:

The following is concerning the company: CONCORD GENERAL MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY of Concord, NH.
My neighbors' dog bit our 11wk old dog in the head requiring head surgery. There was no crazy dog fight... just a quick nip to our dog's soft skull. Everyone around, including us, suggested a homeowners claim. BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER!!! Ofcourse the insurance company was very understanding and nice about the whole thing... they agreed to pay whatever bills came out of this. All was good right? WRONG!... Approx. 1 month after all was paid and done, my neighbors got a letter in the mail telling them that their policy will be cancelled immediately if the dog is not put down! Ofcourse, they freaked! We were the victim party involved and we even testified that the bite was not vicious... let alone not on a human! They did not care! So, after an appeal, holding up the killing of their dog, they eventually got a decision from the company denying the appeal. They now have to kill their dog! They have to KILL their dog because its a DOG! Everyone says that there must be more details, and it can't just be that cut and dried... In this case there was something else I forgot to add. When our neighbor was in the process of putting in the claim over the phone... she mentioned that a couple years before that, their dog was involved in another scruffle with another dog. You know what's funny about that???... My wife and I were there for that one too!!! Our neighbors dog was the one that was attacked!! And bit! Thank got they didn't use their insurance then! Well, since she said ANYTHING about that one scruffle... the company just simply labeled their house as having a dog with BITE HISTORY on the premisis! They tried to get other insurance... but they are labeled forevermore with "A dog with bite history" until they put her down.

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