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Re: nj insurance reform

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Posted by Deborah Cannonie on September 05, 1998 at 15:43:19:

In Reply to: Re: nj insurance reform posted by Tony Braga on August 22, 1998 at 19:02:35:

So New Jersey has a high population what? So do other states, but NJ consistently leads the nation in the highest auto insurance premiums. The so-called auto insurance reform Gov. Whitman put forward (which she did only after she came within a whisker of being defeated by an opponent who DID advocate insurance changes) is just another bandaid on a horrible problem. This time, insurance companies can divide their car insurance divisions into several separate companies....and which of them you wind up in, again, is a roll of the underwriters' dice.
Another huge joke perpetuated on NJ's beleagured drivers....

The only solution to auto insurance reform in NJ is to SCRAP it. That's it...get rid of it. To hell with the lawyers, Whitman (and the other pols, both Republican and Democrat) and their country club friends - for a change, let's let the market decide insurance rates.

Get RID of mandatory insurance. Let people pay for what they want, and let them assume the risk if they want less insurance. We are already burdened with a ton of risk, just by driving here, and I'm not talking about uninsured drivers! We are consistently screwed by politicians and insurance companies who are a little too cozy with one another, and who all set up the rules to benefit themselves and hurt the "unconnected" citizens.

Let's just find a state with good rates and do what they do. It couldn't be a worse mess than what NJ drivers are already saddled with!

Deborah Cannonie

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