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Re: Insurance reform

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Posted by Tony Braga on January 07, 2002 at 14:06:57:

In Reply to: Insurance reform posted by MG on January 07, 2002 at 07:43:29:

Now we come to the real problem: the company adjuster represents the company, not you and not any other policyholder. He/she is protecting the company's interest, although some advertising says otherwise. This is where it all goes wrong. The public comes to rely on that adjuster as if that adjuster represents them. And, company adjusters come to feel righteous in that misprepresentation of authority. Most states already have laws that say the company adjuster represents the insurance company, and only other adjusters licensed to represent the policyholder do actually represent the policyholder. If you look under "Adjuster" in the yellow pages of most large metropolitan areas you will find state licensed "Public Adjusters" who represent only the public, not the companies. They are paid from a percentage of the settlement so they usually only handle larger claims to make their time worthwhile. For smaller claims policyholders are on their own...acting as their own adjuster or capitulating. My book gives the claim rights and information for consumers to calculate, prepare and settle their claims. I commend you on your diligence in standing up for yourself, and adjusting your claim. We don't need more laws except maybe to outlaw the blatant misrepresentation that the insurance industry advertises daily. Come to think of it, we already have laws against misrepresentation. A lot of good that does when it comes to a blind eye. By the way that advertising is paid from policyholder premiums, as is the other insurance companies' expenses, not from the companies' coffers.

The next time you hear an ad that says something like, "You're in good hands," "We're on your side," Like a good neighbor," remember you are paying for that misrepresentation and now you can help spread the word.

Thanks for the information you have researched and for your feedback...I have now provided a link directly to my book on this forum main page to make it easier to notice. There are many other important matters that insurance consumers need to become aware of and some of those are outlined in a talk I gave: