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Posted by MG on January 07, 2002 at 07:43:29:

In Reply to: Re: total loss..forced to hand it over...any recourse? posted by on January 05, 2002 at 08:49:22:

I think the law can be reformed in one specific way............
Adjusters should not be affiliated with an insurance should be controlled by a government agency. It would mean more taxes overall but would eliminate what we feel is fraud.

I have looked at the software manual closely for the Toal Loss Advantage and it shows that the adjuster can bring up an entire list of evaluations and then delete the ones they don't like. They sent us info for 3 cars and only one is within the 90 days and it isn't even the correct year...and I double checked the Ohio rules and they state 30 days as opposed to 90. There is also a place in this program for the user to add refurbishments on the loss vehicle...we were never interviewed about refurbishments and that perhaps is our main argument. We have replaced dozens of parts. One of the main things that wears out with this particular model of car is the air bag suspension which most people find is too expensive to replace and when they sell the vehicle, it goes for the lowball prices we were quoted. The car simply cannot be driven without the suspension in working order. We hear stories all the time about beautiful cars just sitting sunken down to the ground because the owners are not willing to come up with $2500+ to fix the airbags. People actually stop us on the street and tell us stories about their car and ask if we have ever had the problem. We bought ours with bad air bags and replaced them. We used rebuilt parts that I found over the internet and my husband did all the work.
And we have replaced many other mechanical parts as well. The interior is immaculate with virtually no wear and tear except a little carpet dirt due to the time of year. The car definitely falls into the higher end of the ranges we have looked up at NADA. The figures they gave us from the databases don't even come close to the figure that THEY ALSO INCLUDED FROM NADA. I don't know why I am telling you all of this because you are the expert, but perhaps it will open other consumers' eyes. If my venting helps one other person with their situation, I will consider all this typing time well spent. And yes we've decided to go to the trouble of fighting this in small claims if necessary -- if nothing else - but to prove our point. I did tell my husband that if they are in litigation with class actions right now and apparently keep stalling -- we are small potatoes by comparision and they will definitely fight- even if over a few hundred dollars.

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