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Re: total loss..forced to hand it over...any recourse?

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Posted by MG on January 06, 2002 at 09:02:57:

In Reply to: total loss..forced to hand it over...any recourse? posted by MG on January 04, 2002 at 21:19:27:

Thanks much for responding. I am going to contact eh insurance comapny about claim forms on Monday. I don't understand exactly about the claim though as they have already made and offer and basically have accepted our claim for damage...but we are in disagreement about how much damamge there is....The forms will probably clear up my confusion. The last resort for us will be a reduced settlement with salvage title. But in the meantime, my husband has decided to get more estimates on repair, and appraisals from local dealers. I left a message for my insurance see if we are still insured to drive the vehicle to repair shops etc.....since this other insurance company claims it is a total loss. I even said he could come and inspect the car to see if it is road worthy. It is my understanding that insurance companies can claim total loss on a vehicle that has damage costs at 50% of its estimated value?...Is that the norm? If we can prove to them that the car repairs can be done by a local shop at less than their estimate and that the car's value is more than what they are stating, can we negotiate them giving us the original amount offered toward repairs and that we can keep the car sans salvage title? We still really feel it isn't enough for all the trouble but it would at least make things a little easier. My husband doesn't want to have a shop do the repairs as he has been working on the vehicle as a hobby all along and wonders if it also acceptable that he do the work.
We are stalled right now until we get estimates.
My husband has already found a vehicle at a salvage yard with all the parts we need in excellent condition but in a different color...all for about $100. There will definitely be more expenses concern is that the insurance company will say...well it was repaired for $300+ here's your check for $300......They are currently offering $1125 ----but my husband says his time in finding the parts, dismantling the car at the bone yard and installing the parts, time getting it painted etc. would need to be taken into account....not to mention all the aggravation of this entire situation. Actually at a first don't notice the damage -now that my husband has wired the headlights back in temporarily..that's why we are so concerned about someone else getting our car and would rather trash it then let the insurnace company be able to sell our car at more than the amount they have settled with us for.....wrecked and all.
So many questions about a salvage title.
Is the insurance company required to get a salvage title if they claim a vehicle is a total loss? Are salvage parts allowed to be used if the car is to be inspected? The insurance estimate showed used parts so I am assuming it is fine. Would parts in a different color pass a salvage title inspection? It would be nice to be able drive it before a paint job. We were told that we need to take the original repair estimate document from the insurance company to the inpection and show receipts for every item listed. If a repair shop comes up with a different list ...which do we use at the inspection? We understand the idea behind an inspection being necessary on a wrecked vehicle to ensure safety but what about minor cosmetic flaws? Does every tiny flaw have to be pefect before inspection? If something should happen that we are stuck with a perfectly good vehicle that can't pass inspection because of their documentation being overblown...we are considering having a fund raiser smashathon with proceeds going to consumer advocacy organization that is trying to do something about insurance law reform...any suggstions about where to send the money?

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