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Posted by J.J. on January 01, 2002 at 11:55:38:

Looking for any help from knowledable source ( s )

Facts; purchased a brand new home and a water line broke.

Allowed mfg. several attempts to repair home.

never satisfied with repaiars.

Made claim to our insurance co. they DENIED CLAIM.

They ins co. cited several denials to us, mfg. errors, faulty
construction exclusions, etc.

after calling our agent, over 10 years same co, he said he
would help us, arranged a recorded statement to check for coverage.

after statement we were covered ???

then a toxic mold was found Stachybotrys in the walls,
we were told to make a claim for that to,

AGAIN WE WERE DENIED, IN WRITING THIS TIME, i was contacted by a claim supervisor,
and my agent over the phone, they told me that we had NO COVERAGE FOR MOLD.

Then after cring foul and mentioning the LAWYER word, i was again called
by my agent and the claim supervisor, and they advised me

" the lagal team says we will be covered for our contents only, NO COVERAGE FOR OUR HOME"

there is no way to make this story short, sorry.

We had a guaranteed replacement cost insurance policy with our ins. co.

they refused to allow us to contact any other company for estimates.

they claim all our contents can be wiped off of the toxic mold. spores and mycotoxins .

they did not give us any replacement cost for our items.
they gave a cash value after deductions for depreciations, some over 60%.

they refuse to pay for mold testing WE PAID FOR, they reimbursed us $ 15.00
for one test, a $ 1,500.00 test for the toxins THEY REFUSE TO PAY FOR.

we were out of our home for over 1 year, THEY REFUSE TO PAY FOR ANY ALTERNATIVE LIVING EXPENSES,
we have sent them receipts over and over again.

as they told us, have not paid one penny for our home.

no attorney, any of the good one's wants to touch this mess, due to the length of time,
and small amount of our claim.

We are in Arizona, our ins. co. is the largest in the world.

i told a claim supervisor in a face to face metting last week that my family will demand appraisal
if not paid, his responce was they can refuse appraisal.

please help, don;t mantion contact attorney, don't have funds and like i said before
small amount of claim and all the crap done makes them all say SORRY.

All my family has asked for is for them to replace all our contents,
we lost the home anyway, don't want it back.

ideas help please...

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