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Re: Manulife keep me posted

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Posted by Dave Wilson on December 11, 2001 at 12:29:16:

In Reply to: Re: Manulife Financial SUCKS!!! posted by barney on August 01, 2001 at 03:53:58:

: i feel that the only way to hurt these kinds of companies is to use moden terrorism.

: someone needs to brake into their computers over the net, then post customers details on to news groups, do its duplicated massivly all over the world.

: the point of this is to expose them as useless, and hopefully cost them a penny or two.

: seems childish, but when you already know that you will never see your cash, then why should they see it either?

: you see my point?
: : Ken:

: : let the world know! Maybe we can invite Manulife and opportunity to defend themselves,
: : although in these types of insurance cases, there could be very little
: : to argue about.

: : C Casey

: : : I was employed for sixteen years by Pratt & Whitney Canada through which I had group life & health coverage. I developed bowel problems due to Crohns disease. The problem continued and once my sick days ran out, I went on disability.

: : : The GI specialist and two GPs have written letters to Manulife advising them that I should not return to work. However, Manulife decided - even though there was no significant change in my health condition, to terminate my disability payments. For some (unexplained) reason one day Manulife Financial considered me disabled and the next day I was not disabled.
: : : It is strange though ..,Pratt & Whitney still considered me disabled. How come, if I was no longer disabled, Pratt & Whitney didn't fire me for failure to return to work?

: : : The stress that this ongoing problem with Manulife has put me through may actually be prolonging the problem. The stress has affected my overall health (I also am an isulin dependent diabetic with high blood pressure)and I was recently referred to a psychiatrist because of it.

: : : Manulife doesn't mind collecting premiums - they just don't want to pay out anything.
: : : Making payments to those who are ill, injured, etc would leave them less money to buy up insurance companies around the world.
: : : As they buy up the insurance companies around the world they get to collect more money from people so they can continue to buy up evem more insurance companies. (It becomes self-perpetuating)

: : : The fight continues - but, I'm not finished yet!
: : : And my message to Manulife ..,I WON'T GO AWAY EASILY OR QUIETLY!!!

: : :
: : :

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