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Re: property loss claim

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Posted by tonyb on November 13, 2001 at 06:01:49:

In Reply to: property loss claim posted by tim fischer on November 09, 2001 at 02:41:07:

: Greetings,

: I recently was sent to London by the company I work for in the US for 2 years. We shipped a load of our stuff over as well which was 'insured' by a company called Executive Insurance Services. When the shipment arrived, something major had apparently happened in transit. The containers had door on that were meant to open. When they unbanded ours, the doors simply fell off. There were many boxes that had simply fallen apart from actually sitting in water for god knows how long. There were a number of items that they payed for like clothing, shoes, etc. Additionally I shipped a rather large amount of computer equipment (3 laptops, 2 servers, 4 pc's, 3 routers, printers, etc.). The majority of these items don't work anymore either, although only about half of them show actual physical damage, i.e. rust/corrosion on the item. There was actually water still in 2 of the laptops so they said they'd cover those. The third, which was in the same box, doesn't show physical damage but still doesn't work and they say they won't cover that. Ditto on the 2 servers, no actual physical damage to the external of the machines . . . . Is there anything I can do? I expected to get screwed to a point since replacement cost over here (in the UK) is going to be double what it was in the States but I guess I didn't expect it this bad.....


Property insurance policies usually have Appraisal as a means to resolve amount of loss disputes, although many policies no longer offer that and now require court instead. Formal claim filing information is at:

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