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No fault auto total loss questions:

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Posted by vincent on October 18, 2001 at 13:03:33:

3 weeks ago, my 1994 Hummer was involved in a front end collision with a minivan. The minivan driver was clearly at fault 9driving in the wrong lane), confessed at the scene, and was cited for driving to endnager. Needless to say, I was not at fault. My truck subsequently rolled over 3 times and has been deemed a total loss by my insurance co.

Here is my dilemna:

I estimate the vehicle at approximatly 40,000.
In the past 12 montsh I have added numerous electronic items, as well as several accessories (roofrack, brushguard, etc) Total cost is approximatly 20,000.

Additionally, I have upgraded the original engine, transmission, etc etc etc with the newest models. These costs total approx 35,000 in the last 12 months.

For all additions I have appropriate receipts.

My insurance Co is not willing to pay for the additional accessories, as my collision only covers thebase vehicle. This seems plausable right now.

What are my options regarding recovery from the insurance co of the man who hit me? I have submitted copies of all receipts to them, but over 1 month since the claim I have yet to receive any proposed settlement.

If it is pertinent, the accident occured in Massachusetts.

Additionally, what are my rights as to rental reimbursement from the insurance co of the gent who hit me? I drive a Hummer for numerous reasons, and being without one for these last 3 weeks has made things much more difficult.



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