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Inurer shills on this board - and proven cheating by insurers

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Posted by Art on September 27, 2001 at 13:03:34:

This is a reply to a post made some months back by "Jon" which was in reply to a very well-thought-out post made by Bob Richardson Re: Misinformed Public posted by Bob Richardson on April 03, 2000 at 10:29:39:

Bob, you are 100% RIGHT! Here is a fairly transparent insurance company shill putting out the "company line". Sorry, Jon, YOU ARE a shill trained and brainwashed by some insurer!

Just as Bob said, YOUR BOSSES are contributing huge amounts of money to politicians who appoint and control these insurance commissioners! I tracked Geo W through "Lobby Watch", a non-partisan money and lobby watchdog group out of Washington who tells on Repubs and Dems alike. No political favoritism there - only FACTS on money given to BOTH parties.

In Texas, GWB received $221,000.00 in contributions from Farmers Insurance Group and its lobbyists alone.

Soon after, Farmers was given exclusive rights to sell a never-before available homeowners insurance policy with replacement cost coverage on all of the previous RCC items EXCEPT the roof. Farmers lobbyist cried about hail and proposed this new policy to leave consumers with woefully inadequate coverage.

It only cost them the $221,000.00 plus may a couple hundred thousand more in lobby salaries and minor (to Farmers)political contributions to have the Texas Department of Insurance happily build a whole new policy for them!

Agents were called by some of us and were quoted explaining that new policy was great. They even offered, "We can save you some money on this policy and still pay you what your roof is actually worth!"

Of course, the ACV (actual cash value) has no relation to what it ACTUALLY costs you to REPLACE your roof. Did they explain that to the consumer? Of course not. Think that's fair, honest and above board - wait - I'll bet you do!

His (Bush's) insurance commisioner, Elton Bomer, was then PROMOTED to Secretary of State in Texas for a job well-done!

The public now has higher rates, up to 5% deductibles at COMPANY option and depreciating roof policies where Form A's could have accomplished that and not misled the public. NOW they want water damage and mold excluded. Why not just give you guys guns and masks?

Why don't you lose the attitude that the public, using attorneys, PA's and contractors exists only to scam insurers. The PUBLIC wouldn't need those entities to help them with claims if you guys weren't TRAINED to cheat and low-ball claims!

You say you don't cheat? Sure you do! Here's proof you can't refute:

If you've ever figured to remove 10% fewer squares on a roof claim than you've figured to apply, YOU ARE GUILTY OF CHEATING whether by ignorance or complicity because of insurer training.

Good luck on proving me wrong. You can deny it by emailing me and taking the roof challenge!

Funny, I have have had not one insurer taker yet who will take it - WHY? They KNOW they're cheating!

Go here to read how one insurer shill used different stories and excuses and finally cowered from the challenge when he saw his logic failed miserably.

scroll down to insurance and click there.

Read my insurer roof scam post! Then see if you have the huevos to put your money where your mouth is.

Have a nice day telling people the Rolls/Honda story while insurance companies are stealing MILLIONS with this roof tear off scam. They realize people can't and don't litigate over $50-$100 dollars per claim.


P.S. I thought a reprint of Bob's words were in order. I am advocating that WE, THE PUBLIC, DEMAND of every department of insurance a Citizen's Claims Review Committee where these issues and others can't be swept under the rug. Here is Bob's earlier post - Thanks for making the REAL problem so abundantly clear, Bob said ---

"The real problem is unequal bargaining power. Our state (Georgia) has an insurance commmissioner who gets hundreds of thousands of dollars from insurance company interests. One would have to admit such largess might cloud one's judgment.

When insurance companies in league with the Chamber of Commerce and other big business interests can propagandize the public and provide limitless funds to avoid even the most legitimate of claims without fear of retribution, there will be a basic unfairness in the claims settlement area. Insurance companies want to force the public to rely on the fairness of their adjusters. While this will work if a claimant has the good fortune of getting an honest and fair adjuster, if the claimant is not so fortunate, there is no recourse in many states. If an insurance company acts inappropriately, it should be subject to an appropriate punishment.

We are after all talking about people's homes, income, savings, self respect and ability to provide for their families. Serious stuff I would suggest." End of Bob's statement.

To add to Bob's ideas and thoughts, I just saw an 84 year old Navy War Hero smashed with 3% deductible and a depreciating policy without his even being told. It made his $7,000.00 roof claim pay off a measely $1200! Here's a guy on fixed income who has an invalid wife who gets a ripping like that! Yep, Jon, you guys are the best!


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