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Re: can they make me take it back

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Posted by tonyb on August 02, 2001 at 11:36:24:

In Reply to: Re: can they make me take it back posted by r on August 01, 2001 at 03:59:28:

: So what you are saying, is that if you are not an expert in the feild of the claim you are making, then tough shit that you dont get what you rightly deserve.

^I am trying to educate policyholders on their rights and their authority. Just as in filing taxes: usually if you can't figure it out on your own you go to HR Block or some other tax preparer rather than IRS. But that's up to each individual. If you want to entrust IRS with protecting your interest you can..if you want to entrust your insurance company with protecting your interest you can.

: insurance co.'s use this as an excuse to not pay people who's lives are ruined by twats who can afford not to care about others.

^perhaps so, but it's time to stand up for your rights and take control of your own claims. Claims are business transactions. The policyholder has a separate interest from the insurance company and has the responsibility and authority to calculate, prepare, and file the claim. Be thankful, because that right is fast eroding and the public's only hope is to win back that right even as it is being taken away. If you think insurance companies control things now, just wait until we have all fully surrendered our authority over to the companies discretion. Which by the way is heavily underway. You can get a better idea of this at

: yes, it is the fault of the insurer, as they are the ones we trusted to look after us, just as they advertise, but in agreement with you, we are the twats for letting governments make these things compulsory.

^"agreement with you"? We are consumer advocates and are not connected or affiliated in any way with insurance companies. Granted it was advertising that had you feel insurance companies are the ones we trusted to look after us. But my goal is to have the public deal with reality.

: : Hating your insurance company is most likely based on the notion that your insurance company is responsible for preparing and filing your claim. There is nothing farther from the truth, yet this is a widely held misconception. If your vehicle is unsatsfactorily repaired or deodorized, it is incumbent on you to document that damage in the form of a written estimate or opinion, e.g., a vehicle dealer estimate or opinion. Ownership of your vehicle and its damage claim remains yours.

: : Basic claim preparation and filing information is located at:

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