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Posted by Hollis on July 14, 2001 at 07:02:21:

I have (had) one employee for my small apt rentals. The tenant moved in 3 other people after she was supposed to be the only one there. My employee told her she would have to pay an extra $50.00 fee for a new person comming in and only mentioned that she had moved in 2 children (she didn't want to mention the boyfriend because this woman had just moved out on a male that was said to be dangerous and felt it was best not to mention him. Well this triggered a fed lawsuit which says you cannot charge extra for children. (btw we didn't i told her in a day that it was a mistake, however 6 month later we moved to evict her due constant noise/sanitary/safety violations ect. So then she has this letter and goes to a specialists that advertizes big settlements from landlords, insurance co is providing me a defense but claims that they will not pay for anything else. My policy is a landlords policy and from I understand it supposes to protect again unlawful evictions (this is how it started) They are saying that they will not protect against anything "illegal" and this was an illegal act,...also they will not pay for lawyer fee awards or puntitive damages, The tenants lawyer was asking for $4,500 at first, wants +50,000 now and the insurance co says I'm on my own. Any ideas? I'm feeling so stressed out that I can't sleep much,...we don't have much of a cash flow so it looks like they will force the sale of the building over this,..Would a standard landlord's policy generally provide coverage for this? Haveing delt with insurance co imn health care,..I know that some insurance cos. wil try anything to get out of a claim,..any ideas?

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