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Re: nj insurance reform

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Posted by tonyb on August 22, 1998 at 19:02:35:

In Reply to: nj insurance reform posted by pete on August 19, 1998 at 15:30:10:

: after 20 years as an agent in the state of nj, and having lived in nj for 25years, I think the problem is not solvable with the current poposals. as a matter of fact. i don't think it is really solvable at all when the government is too involved, and yet they are the only ones who can fix it. the problem in nj is density. 46 cars per sq. mile. and being surrounded by ct, pa, ny as well as being the gateway from canada to florida. the billions of dollars of new highways reently has only made it easier to cut through nj on rte 287. i truly believe that the conclusion of this problem will eventually work out one way or another.
: since the problem is too many car, then the only solution is mass transit so cheap and fast and good that you wont want to drive. or car insurance rates so high that you cant afford to drive. the fraud is another factor that the dept of insurance should invest in. governor whitman has made waves in trenton, but not gotton the support of the lawyers who are elected as representatives. i for see a crisis in the near very near future for nj again hopefully not as bad as the last two attempts to reduce rates. the JUA in 1984 and the florio 1990 "insurance reform act."
: get ready to move to montana soon when the "1998 insurance cost reduction act" takes effect in september 1998. good luck

^I don't know much about New Jersey's roads and
traffic problems, but I would like to comment on
your statement regarding fraud. We hear mostly about
misrepresentation and fraud concerning policyholders,
and undoubtedly it takes place. Conspicuously
missing from the entire insurance transaction is "any
mention of possible criminality of the insurance
company or its agents, adjusters, investigators and
experts who might participate in collusion, provide
misinformation, conceal policyholder rights, conceal
facts, and negotiate claims in bad faith," (author
unknown). They are after all people‚not saints.
The legal definition of fraud includes "An intentional
perversion of truth for the purpose of inducing another,
in reliance upon it, to part with some valuable thing
or to surrender a legal right. . .by concealment of
that which should have been disclosed, which
deceives and is intended to deceive another. . .to
get advantage over another by. . .suppression of

Fraud comes dressed in different clothes. It can be
a padded claim, arson for profit, or insurance fraud
ring. It can also be misleading advertising, or
denying information to both sides, which is also a
form of deceit. If an adjuster is trained to act
according to a bias claim manual of misinformation
and non-existent authority, that adjuster can come
to feel righteous in that misinformation and
entitled to that authority. The same is true for
policyholders who have given up their responsibility
and authority, and have come to feel entitled to lay
their problems at the feet of insurance.

Insurance reform is a catch all phrase conjuring up
images of massive bureaucratic change, but it can
also mean looking at what is in front of our
collective nose. Lack of information, and
misinformation are not a reasonable guide for
either side, and can eventually bring any system to
its knees.

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