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Posted by tonyb on October 16, 1999 at 05:05:15:

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>> Subject: REAL LIFE
>> We're all in this soup
>> together!

>Always ask yourself: What will this cost me?
^as in cost of a special nanny taking unauthorized charge of my life? The resounding answer is: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

>Your insurance policy is a contract: You promise to pay premiums, the company promises to pay benefits PURSUANT TO THE TERMS OF THE POLICY.

^what the policy doesn't tell me is how much I am entitled to: how to prepare and adjust a claim--the very essence of what is owed in the event of loss, the wherewithal to deal with the company adjuster who represents the insurance company (in spite of all the misleading advertising to the contrary). And, who by some misunderstood guidance, presumes to represent the insurance company and me at the same time, in the same transaction. Of all the gall. The time of equivocal agent is all but over.

>We often find consumers don't take the time to read their policies. As a result, they are bargaining from a position of inferior knowledge and leverage.

^we surely agree on this one!

>Keep in mind: If the insurance laws and regs require companies to pay claims they don't owe, this will greatly increase the cost of insurance for all WE insurance consumers. We have often found that many "frightful consumer stories" are only one side of the true story. (I hope and trust these are not untruthful or inaccurate.)

^I do not condone fraud by the public or the company. Quite the contrary, I fight for policyholder and company claim responsibility. Read the stories....the common thread is lack of information--unauthorized usurping of policyholder's authority--genuine helplessness. The cost of insurance could be greatly reduced if the insurance companies were made to pay for their own expenses and advertising from their own coffers instead of ours. They would also have far less adjusting expense if they would simply play their appropriate role in the contract: receive and consider the claim, not direct and dictate the claim. They make a bundle, as it is, from our money (premiums) that we prepay for our losses. I don't mind that they profit from my money, just please don't make me pay for a service that is unauthorized to represent me. Encourage and expect the public and its adjusters to prepare the public's own claims, just as we allow and expect the public and its accountants to prepare the public's taxes, subject to audit.

>Untruthful and inaccurate and emotional anecdotes make bad law -- and greatly increase the price of our insurance.

^Inequity makes bad law. Insurance has its own compulsive appetite for spending policyholder premiums on its expenses, driving up the cost of insurance.

>Who will provide our insurance coverage when the private insurers become insolvent? The federal gov't?

^The companies still have a chance to act responsibly and mind their own business. However, failing that, perhaps instituting our own public insurance fund is the best that we are the middlemen in our own life's pitfalls.

>Gimme a break!

^Take a break. Leave the driving to us!

>Take care, and think...Thanks.

^thank you....I bid you the same.

Best regards,

Tony Braga

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