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Posted by tonyb on October 13, 1999 at 14:42:59:

My vehicle was hit in a 7/11 parking lot. I was not in the vehicle at
time but I watched the whole thing happen. My vehicle has some bad rear
damage. At first farmers Told me that they told me that they would not
for the damage because they said there insured party did not cause that
damage. After I told them I was a Police Officer for the city of Oakland
They said ok we will pay. My next question to them was because I have a
black vehicle could the body shop match the color. What I was worried
due to the color of the vehicle is that black is hard to match. The
insurance guy said hey dont worry about it. well I am worried about it.
vehicle is a 1991. Dew to the age of the paint I think the rear of my
vehicle will look brand new and everything else will look 10 years old.
asked the insurance guy if they would pay to buff out the rest of my
so it would match a little better. His answer to that was it is not our
problem. Farmers will only fix what our insurer damaged. My big question
I would have not had to buff out my vehicle if had not been hit. I am I
right? And if so what does Ca Law say that farmers has to do? S.O.S

If you cannot successfully negotiate settlement of your liability claim
on the basis of being made whole for the damage inflicted, and you do
not carry collision insurance with your own insurance company, your
option is to pursue legal action.

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