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Making whole

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Posted by on July 31, 1999 at 04:28:04:

Hi Roberto,
loss of continuity is often considered as part of the overall loss in
order to make an insured whole. If you believe your loss includes a loss
of continuity to your property as a result of a covered occurrence, it
is you the policyholder who holds the authority to make that claim.
Once you file your claim (please see Deserve) if necessary, you may wish to
exercise your option of Appriasal as a means to resolve the dispute.
Hope this helps. Thanks for your inquiry.

Best regards,

Tony Braga

Roberto Orozco wrote:

> Greetings,
> I would like to know if there is a certain amount of coverage payable
> that should be availalbe to me from my insurance company.
> Recently we had a hail storm hit our area, and our townhome was
> damaged on one side only. The original siding was aluminum. Our
> insurance sent out an estimtor and he only approved coverage lost
> payable for the front of the townhouse.
> We eventually were able to replace the front siding, however, now the
> back does not quite match the front of the home, since aluminum
> siding is hard to find. We went with vinyl siding. It just looks like
> the front does not match the back. Our insurance claims that they did
> not approve the back side of the townhome since they apply the "line
> of sight" policy, which basically means that if they can't see both
> areas from any point of sight, then the back can't be approved for
> loss payable.
> I disagree with them, since they should be protecting our investment.
> We believe that as a result of the hailstorm, the front got damaged,
> the fron was replace, the back side does not match , it is not uniform
> anymore, therefor they should approve the back as well
> Advice please on what I can say or use as a means of getting my
> insurance to cover the back side.
> Regards,
> Roberto Orozco

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