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Posted by tonyb on February 20, 1999 at 15:34:42:

Anne-Marie Martin wrote:

> We suffered?storm damage to our home which the
insurance company dismissed as if we had no real claim
other than water damage by a broken hose from the washing
machine.?? What we have are fungus ridden walls behind
the drywall.?? We have torn out the rugs and tiled the
whole place but while doing so have found this fungus.??
Where do we go and what do we do about this.? It appears
that the insulation in the roof was water logged as well.?

due to bad health we are under doctors orders to live in
a clean environment.?? The insurance agents keeps
refering us back to the adjustor and we get run arounds.?
I still have not recieved monthly payments for the
apartment we rented to live in while work is being done.??
What do I need to do to claim this money???

^Hi Anne-Marie, the principles governing property
claims can be found at
Probably the most important aspect of filing a claim is realizing
that it is YOUR claim to prepare and file.

The dispute seems to be over the amount of damage,
and the policy provides the Appraisal process to resolve
amount of damage disputes.

YOU are an adjuster and deserve to have your authority
implemented, separate from your insurance company.

Hope this helps.

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