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April 6, 2001

Talking Insurance

Antone P. Braga

American Council on Consumer Interests Annual Conference
Washington Marriott
Washington, DC

Thank you for that introduction. Good afternoon..nice to be here with you today. I'll try not to bore you too much. This has to do with insurance and I know most people have an aversion to insurance. It's that aversion that has really put the consumer at a disadvantage. More so than anyone taking advantage of the consumer, it's more this apathy that's brought about the problem that I'm here to talk about today.

There are a lot of changes going on in the policy. A lot of changes having to do with the rules. I can't go through all of it today, and a lot of it is more technical than you would want to know about anyway. But the gist of it is that some of the more important points you really do need to know about. And the average consumer does have to get a better understanding of this. It's really time to put aside the myths and start to look at the actual wording, and some of the more important points of authority. These are things I would like to talk about today.

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