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Antone P. Braga


Now ending my fourth decade of publishing awareness/preparedness for the insuring public, well grounded information and material continue to lend support for property policyholders: Business Home Auto Etc. I have been educating, protecting, informing policyholders of their property rights and authority, some of which are unknowingly being taken away. It is my hope you may find some immediate help here, and realize the greater benefit of preparedness in the long term.

I began my insurance career in 1960 as an insurance adjuster trainee with an insurance company in Los Angeles and learned my trade as a multi-line company adjuster working for major insurance companies. In 1974 I made the change to become a licensed adjuster for policyholders. In 1977 I followed my passion and began publishing disaster insurance rights and recovery rules for policyholders. My work over the years evolved into the current edition of the still one-of-a-kind book, "Policy Ensurance," and founding of the Website.

Most people carry insurance and are subject to disclosure as a prerequisite. Why shouldn’t insurance itself be subject to that same standard? Policyholders now need only look before that rainy day. I opened that box and hope you'll have a look inside. This is my journey in retrospect—I have been there, and have now published my experience here. Interests of mine include automobile restoration, commentary, and music.

It has been a long, wonderful ride. And, thanks to the internet, awareness is surpassing obscurity. With each day the gap widens just a little bit, but enough to see that numbers grow on their own now! In time of disaster, of all times, why shouldn't basic protection and wherewithal to deal with insurance adjusters have ever reached us? It should have and now it does.

I'm very happy to have played a part in transforming an issue crying out for change. A level playing field needs no proof of its effect, it speaks for itself. I hope you find my cause is of mutual/public interest. Thank you for your visit, and for any help you give.

Good Luck, though luck should play little part.

Antone P. Braga 'APB', Author


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