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Try to put your prejudices aside for a moment and imagine a philosophy that is neither left or right, but straight down the middle...

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Equity Rules

Once upon a time there were calamities. No, not earthquakes, hurricanes or some other catastrophes, but something much less noticeable: some adjusters, welcomed with open arms, who took advantage of policyholders in their time of need. Suddenly by some stroke it came to pass all the people in the land were given disaster insurance rights and rules of recovery! Nothing was ever quite the same...they lived happily prepared ever after.

Educate yourself BEFORE you ever have to file a claim. Unfair property claims practices, policyholder rights, recovery rules and insurance company responsibilities are contained in the book, "Policy Ensurance." It not only helps to have rights and rules, where are we without them?

It is hoped you choose to take the expectation high-road.

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This content is local to your area in that it affects virtually everyone in your area, indirectly or directly: property insurance policyholders. When the next stories run having to do with a local disaster such as a hurricane, earthquake, flood, tornado, fire, etc., perhaps think of those disaster survivors and to what extent you may have helped in their preparedness and recovery. The simple truth is still the most powerful to articulate and pass-on, especially in this day of social media. Thank you for any help you may give.

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